Retouching, Photo editing

Software image editing, file conversion, post-production (color accuracy, lighting correction, white balance, composition, cropping, etc.), pre-press, digital retouching (basic or high end beauty retouch), effects, montages, portfolio making, content matching, illustrationm, and other image enhancement methods.
Raw images will not pass to our customers. Photography is a complex visual art which begins in the head (the photographer’s creative intentions), the exposure is the middle of the process, and the final result, the   photograph is achieved during the image processing. We carry out the base retouching with a natural-looking result, but major magazine cover quality also can be done according to individual requests.
Smaller photoshop works for private request, base retouching and base graphic solutions ( e.g. background replacement and simple inscriptions) prices starts about 5 euro, bit more serious graphics and high end retouching works’ prices starts from  10-20 euro per picture.