Are you longing for something special?

Do you love beautiful photos, but you feel that the multitude of photographersoffers too stereotypical, boring and meaningless? Are you desiring for something special? Not only a good photograph, but an artistic, creative production? You are at the right place now, at HarmonyArtFoto Studio.

We have to be able to see and be able to notice. We must be able to imagine, and to be able to realize. This is the real art of living. And the art of photography: catching the reality and painting dreams from lights. WE DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS, WE CREATE THEM.

The main profile of us, is to make special, conceptual (surreal or historically inspired, thematic) fantasy art photos, and full solutions for a creative shooting from the creative concept, through art director’s work until the special picture editing to create that visual concept you may need. We also offer wedding photography and destination wedding photography services, as well as portraitures, family and baby pics, and event photos, and product photos too.

We also have offers to companies or fashion industry with comprehensive photographic solutions, hence the impressive visual presence is essential within the visual revolution of our century.

Welcome! You can find detailed information about our services, but mainly: let the pictures to talk ! If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at the contact sheet.