Newborn, baby, child, maternity & family photography

Waiting for a newcoming baby is the utmost experience of the completeness of a woman’s life, and every pregnant mother shines with happiness, so it is absolutely worth to take professional photos, preserve the memorable moments of your pregnancy from this period.  I aim to create elegant, creative and refined maternity portraits, embrace all these changes and feel the bliss of motherhood. The birth of a baby is the most beautiful moment, along with the changing feelings of excitement and anticipation, and after delivering the baby, your all life will change to feel your heart beats only for your child. There is no more awsome and cute than a sleeping newborn baby.  Our children and family are the real meaning of our life. There is no moment that we would not gladly capture and lock into our hearts.

Pregnant mothers are beautiful, a miracle is happening to you, let’s capture it! Tovább>>

The birth of a baby is a miracle of life, let’s have fantastic pictures of the baby as soon as possible. Tovább>>

Kid photography is all fun! Tovább>>

Family events, christenings, birthdays in professional pictures as everlasting memories! Tovább>>

Pregnacy (Maternity) photoshooting

  • The best time to have a maternity shoot is when you are between 28 and 34 weeks pregnant although some pregnancies should be done earlier and shoots can be done later if you do not feel unfortable by that time
  • Where to take photos? Photos can be requested in a studio, romantic interior, or outdoors in a floral/natural charming setting.
  • In the studio we can take pictures of lingerie, use props, use delicate fabrics, shawls, and play with the lights to create mysterious, feminine images.
  • In nature, natural images of the joy of baby waiting can be captured.
  • Let’s not forget the daddies! I definitely suggest that Dad come in as well, it’s no more touching than hugging or giving a tummy tuck.

I provide a beautiful selection of materials/drapes to use in the shoot as well as dresses, skirts, and drapes; and You are very welcome to bring with you any clothing or props ( e.. hats or jewellery) you would like to use .  It is advisable to bring with you black, nude and white pants and if you have one a strapless nude bra, but make sure the underwear you wear is not too tight so as to leave marks.   I suggest to wear flowy maxi dresses, bodycon dresses with solid colors. 

Baby photos, newborn photograpy

  • After the baby is born, we usually make a baby photo in your home for the comfort and peace of the baby. I bring some supplies and materials and clothes to the house, so nice, professional baby photos are made in your home.
  • If you would like, you can come to the studio for a baby photo shoot, here are more acessories, backgrounds, if you are not worried about the little one,just feel free to take this opportunity
  • The main point is to make the baby feel good, we adapt to him/her: sleep, diapering, feeding time is not a problem, we wait until every moment will be perfect. Therefore, please allow more time for baby photography, you can calculate at least 3 hours.
  • Newborn photography is recommended to be done up to  10-12 days, in these days of the human life, the baby do not care about the camera, just sleeps nicely, we pose her/him very carefully. Later, the curiosity of the baby unfolds, so you can take portraits of mostly funny, shiny-eyed baby photos.

Kids and family photos

  • When the baby sits up, that is the beginning of a new adventure, and the new era of photograph her/him, it is now possible to take some cute, playful, naughty picture.
  • Before the baby starts to walk, we can do  studio baby photos mostly, with more accessories, more backgrounds. Birthday photography is also popular, with little cake, smudging little piece of cakes on the baby’s cute face, that is a real kind of awsomeness.
  • In toddler age, we can do a walk around in the nature/playground, or you canask for  studio photo series too.
  • We also welcome enquiries from kindergartens and preschools. We undertake annual photography, with settlements, the requested number of backgrounds and accessories.

Photographing family events

  • Many people love lifestyle family photography, either for a photo walk in the nature or in your home for real, natural, moody photos
  • Allowing them to play and evolve, the kidphotography allows to have some real life images. Or you can come to the studio, this is always an exciting discovery for the kids 
  •  It may be important to take photos at some special family events, reunions. birthdays, christening, etc; it is also a very popular to make annual Christmas family portraits, furthermore a photo book is also could be a great gift for Christmas (especially for grandparents).


Újszülött fotó, Babafotózás

Kismama fotózás/ pocakfotózás

Családi fotózás, családi események

It’s worthwhile to ask for professional photos of your child every six months, as they grow up so quickly that we don’t even notice the time is running out. Whenever an old picture comes up, it is a touching and a joyful moment.

Photograpy packages

Studio or outdoor mini shooting

  • 1/2 hour photography
  • 30-40 pictures are taken
  • 10 of which can be requested edited and retouched
  • In the studio or in the nature
  • 1 outfit
  • Digital delivery  of the pictures

Studio or outdoor standard shooting

  • 1.5 hour photoshooting
  • 70-80 pics are made
  • 15 of which can be asked edited and retouched, further 15 will be delivered edited
  • Studio or outdoor
  • youcan use 2 outfiits
  • pics delivered in dvd gift box

Newborn/baby photoshooting in your home

  • 2.5 -3 hour photoshooting
  • 70-80 pics are made
  • 15 of which can be asked edited and retouched, further 15 will be delivered edited
  • In your home
  • you can use 2 outfiits
  • pics delivered in dvd gift box                                 

For preschools, and schools

  • N.o. of the edited and retouched pics upon by agreement
  • 6-7 hours / day
  • Studio lightning and backgrounds delivered to the location
  • please call us for further questions and inquiry

What can you give your child? Love, roots and wings! Add some experiences and memories. Beautiful photos are the essential part of your wonderful memories!