Vintage, Fantasy, Art photography

When the photo itself is not just of a certain age, but rather refers visually to that age (often in either an iconic or cliché sort of way) than we can call it vintage or istorically inspired art photography. The fantasy photography needs photographer’s ability to take a model, idea, and location and turn it into something completely different, to a bit surreal and not usual visual atmosphere. Using of light and color with a special post-processing technique can result beautiful fantasy images, with its own mood and story.  We use both real-life locations, costumes, accessories, makeup, and props, and  combine it with post-processing in Adobe Photoshop. to create such visual solution what you exactly need. “WE DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS, WE CREATE THEM'”

Special offer

  •  outdoor shooting, in chosen style ( pin-up, fantasy, vintage, gothic, victorian, steampunk, etc..) for personal use for the ledies with make up
  • studio shooting, for personal use, for the ladies with make up
  • 30-40 pictures
  • 8 retouched

Hair styling can be required.

In case of an individual, unique clothing or costume idea, you may request the assistance of stylist and custom- designer, with raw material costs plus the fees of the dsigner which starts from eur40, or with affordable rental fees. Currently available clothes can be provided with no additional cost.
Please ask for the current state of special offers or packages via phone, via email or at the contact sheet.