About us, about our photographers


My name is Judith, I am the leading photorapher of HarmonyArt Fhoto. I am taking requests for photo sessions internationally. My first camera was an analouge SLR camera in 1993. After, for a few years, I practiced photography just as a hobby, but later I decided to get professional qualifications in this profession. I have been learnt from the best photographers of Hungary, I have acquired qualification in photography in general, than I am further specialized also to model, portrait, advertisement, fashion, and wedding photography.

I am a real traveller in my private life, I believe that traveling tends to magnify all human emotions, and a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. I am an idealist, I like the beautiful, sensitive moments, the glance of eyes and smiles, the sunlight playing hide-and-seek with the trees, I love animals, the scent of the ground after a summer rain, the flutter of a gorgeous ball gown, the creativity above all, and to bring joy to people with my pictures.

My exhibitions:

  • 9th Holland International Image Circuit, 2014 – co-exhibition (4 photo), Netherlands
  • This is life 2014, Finland Exhibition (FIAP 2014/021 ) – co-exhibition (2 photo), Finland
  • 1st Queensland International Digital Circuit Australia – co-exhibition (11 photo), Australia
  • IN GLORY OF WOMAN 2014 – FSS Serbia- FSS Bronze medal, co-exhibition (8 photo), Serbia
  • Artfoto2014 – Bosnia- UPI (United Photographers) gold medal, co-exhibition (5 photo), Bosnia
  • 1st International exhibition of art photography “BRIDGE”, 2014, Istambul, co-exhibition (6 photo), Turkey
  • Photo Fest Bitola Macedonia (Fiap 2014/213) – PAM gold medal, co-exhibition (3 photo), Macedonia
  • Photo Art Vision International Salon Czech republic – CFFU gold medal, co-exhibition (2 photo ), Czech Republic
  • Magyar Fotográfusok Országos Szövetsége “Utazás a Világ Körül” exhibition 2013, Budapest, co-exhibition(1 photo), Hugary
  • “From light to exhibtion” FotoArt, Erzsébetligeti Theatre, co-exhibition 2013, 5 photo, Hugary
  • FotóArt Pro photographer exhibition, Bethlen Theatre – Bethlen Gallery, co-exhibition 2014 december, 10 photo, Hungary
  • “Steampunk”, Clock café, 2 photographer’s exhibition, 2014. december, Hungary


  • Népszava cover photo, photojournalism, 12 November 2014.
  • Elle Hungary, Lies of the machine band group photo, december 2014.
  • Hammerworld , Lies of the machine band group photo, 10 May 2015.
  • Autoszektor.hu, 20 october 2014 – animal’s word day, press conference and campaign session for Fiat Group Automobiles CEE Kft
  • Sensual Corset – corset fashion and advertisement photos
  • Cool Gear steampunk accessories – fashion and advertisement photos
  • event photographer of the Grand Regency Ball, Helikon Castle in Keszthely, Hungary, Jane Austen ball event, August 2014
  • FiFe Internation Cat Exhibition 13 December 2014, Campona, Budapest, Hungary, with some hungarian celebrities- portrait and event photography
  • Star magazin, January 2015, article in Steampunk fashion
  • http://backsidepool.tumblr.com/concept – article about Jónás Anna fashion designer
  • “Esküvői Kiállítás és Vásár” (“Wedding fair”) event photographer, January 2015.
  • “Kurtizánszalon” – a Bliss Centre’s show about intimacy and the feminity, April 2015
  • event photographer of the “Time travel in Abbazia” weekend with the Jane Austen lovers’ sunset ball and the Grand Sissy Ball in Opatija, Croatia, Villa Angiolina and Hotel Imperial, 1-4th october, 2015.

Our young, creative team consists of photographers, graphic artists and cooperating makeup artists, hair dressers, stlyists and designers. We are complex-minded, hard-working people who want to share our professional skills, experiences and and our enthusiasm with you, to be your partner to realize exactly what you want, or more beyond.

We do not have awkward moments and artificial settings. We manage the model-, portrait-, portfolio-, child-, family- and wedding photograpy with the maximal respect of the personality of our models , weaving magically captured moments and the photographer’s artistic approach to the desired result, we believe that the photo session can be a creative team work, where everyone is fully involved.

Usually two photographers are workingt at weddings and events to capture the perfect moment in every minute. Our approach and specialization perfectly complement each other. In case of business / fashion orders we provide full visual implementation with our involved hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist colleagues. A team, which you can build on!

Co-worker photographers:

  • Judit Haraszti, photographer, wedding photographer, fashion and modell photographer, art director
  • Pál Laca, event and pet photographer
  • Rácz Péter, AFIAP photo artist, photojournalist
  • Gyapjas Ferenc, nature and event photography

Co-working Staff:

  • Cséndzs Varján, hair stylist
  • Paréj Kinga, hair stylist
  • Jade Sawyer, hair stylist and nail artist
  • Kozmányi Zita, make up artist
  • Koszta Klára, make up artist
  • Kulcsár Agatha, make up artist
  • Eleven make up, make up artist
  • Kostyó-Pajer Zsófia, make up artist
  • Geyer Laura Mercédesz, make up artist
  • Ruby Taylor (Szabó Rita), creative manger, organizer, X-style.hu
  • Bódai Renáta, event manager, art director
  • Atelier von Hexenburg, designer, stylist, atelier, costume maker
  • Jónás Anna, Fashion designer
  • Klivinyi Kitty Mercédesz, KKM Fashion, Fashion designer & stylist