Concerts, music events, conferences, sport events, award galas, parties, product demonstrations and trafe shows, exhibitions, artists’ and public meetings, client meetings, team-building trainings, celebrations, opening ceremony and other events … anywhere you can use a good photographer. Call ahead. As the advertising is essential nowadays for visual communication, capturing the atmosphere or succes of an eventand publish it in the media or social media has a growing significance significance for companies or prefessionals too.

Koncertek, partyk


Kiállítás, művészeti, irodalmi események

Céges rendezvény, csapatépítő


Bálok, ünnepélyek


Egyedi ajánlatkérés…

Céges megrendelés…

We can provide our team of photographers not only for the (scenario based) documenting of the events , but to capture that creative mood pictures which can raise the event’s shine through a specific vision.

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