Portraits and Model photography, Portfolio shooting

The mirror can lie, depending on your feelings or self-esteem at the moment. But we can show the best of you.
For models, hostesses it is essential to have a good portfolio at the starting of the career.

Our photos will reflect the model’s personality, highlighting the beauty of her(him), even restrained, even wild, sexy, funny, artistic, retro, or in any style which is required.    Our main profile is to shoot unique, imaginative, fine art model photography,  generally in unusual or special dresses, presenting the women’s beauty through time and space. Clean classical backgrounds of the studio, outdoor photos surrounded with the beauty of nature, shooting at castles or modern venues, the artistic images are guaranteed.

Make-up artist and hair stylist is definitely recommended, if requested we can arrange trustworthy professionals for you, with our cooperative, talented and practiced sytlist, hairdresser and makeup artist working team.

Sminkes és fodrász mindenképp javasolt, kérés esetén megbízható szakemberekkel megoldjuk neked. Mindenben ránk bízhatod magad.


A retusálás általában szolid, fő a természetes szépség kiemelése, de erősebb magazin retussal, vagy high end retussal is a rendelkezésre állunk.

Céges megrendelés esetén csapattal dolgozunk

Csomag ajánlatok

Short sessions

  • 50 pic, post processed
  • 5 pic retouched
  • 45min – 1 hour
  • studio (with 2 backgrounds) or outdoor
  • 1 or two dresses
  • natural make up

Price: 120 euro

Medium series

  • 80-90 pic, post processed
  • 8 pic retouched
  •  1.5-2 hour
  • studio (with 2 backgrounds) or outdoor
  • 2 -3 dresses
  •  make up
  • hair styling

Portfolio shooting

  • 120 pic, post processed
  • 12 pic retouched
  •  3.5-5 hour
  • studio (with several backgrounds), other interiors or outdoor
  • 3-5 dresses
  •  3 make up
  • 2 different hair

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oucanask for  hair stílist, prices starts from eur 20

Youcan ask for the help of a stylist, or you can hire our designer who can design or rent you special costumes.  Clothes currently available in our property room can be provided with no additional cost.