Photo books and Fine Art albums

It is hard to imagine more stylish, more elegant, and more resistant to time experience in the field of photograpy than to hold a unique designed, handmade fine art album in your hands. It is almost a “mandatory” accessorie to you wedding photos.
Sizes, paper orientations, cover art, subtitles can be chosen among hundreds of possibilities, making of an elegant, wonderful piece of your memories .

The stylish photo albums  prepared individually with beautiful covers, graphics and backgrounds by your choice. We can use either decorative elements, but sleek minimalist designare also possible. A variety of photo books and fine art albums and the quality of the images highlighting together a new visual experience for you.

The photo books: generally covered with a photo, or other cover (linen, leather, silk, etc) with a wide variety of types. Typically it consists of thinner sheets, digitally edited pages and a general printing technolog ( 150g-300g papers are printed and  nicely bound together in  format of a book).
The fine art albums:  carry the benefits of photo books, however,  both the quality of the print, both the long standing solutions far surpassing the photo books . The photo paper and lamination are developed around a cardboard with approximately 1mm thickness, which is resistant to fingerprints, and has  long-lasting UV protection. A wide variety of high-quality cover materials and designs can be choosen,  from the traditional to the silk wrapping, canvas or true Italian leather surfaces. The quality is amazing. Making fine art albums requires more complex technology soit is a bit more  expensive than photo books, but it is a higher quality product which worth it.