Interior and premise photography

For guesthouse owners, hotels,  restaurants and catering serices, companies, and property owners are often essential to have a good photo for the successful businness/or sale. The shooting of interiors  is a complex task, the photo quality without professional help – depends largely on the nature of light, and  size od the territory. But with professional techniques and system we can get over it, and  show the  mood and character of the location perfectly, and with the use of attractive, interesting perspectives and rational use of HDR technique, the desired sight can be achieved.

Feel free to contact us for an offer! This also depends on how much room there is inside for shoot, and what are the precise ideas about the aim of the shooting. Typically, panoramic images and wider viewing angle pictures are made, combined with cozy, small depth of field detail photos (on which the beauty of objects and decoration, and moods of the interior gain a special emphasize).
For the interiors with natural light due to the ambient light conditions have touse slow shutter speed, and usually HDR –  high dynamic range – technique. The correction of perspective distortion is also  important in the case of wide-angle images of interiors . The panoramas are made up of usually 5-7 images, with a special, professional panorama maker software. In addition, studio flash lights also can be used to compensate the natural light conditions.
An average package offer, for individuals and family homes includes 5 outdoor pictures, 2 panoramic image about the selected entrieur, one HDR technology image per room (up to six rooms od halls), and further approximately 40 pictures (simple professional photos and detail photos mixed). The images are retouched if necessary, for example, the unfavorable flare correctionthe on  shiny surfaces, etc.